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Live Interactive Demos

Here, you can enjoy some game demos and miscellaneous interactive things I've created, while still under the guise of 'researching portfolios'.


Oilers Nation: Hockey Shootout!
A 3D-styled hockey game created for Oilersnation.com to promote upcoming live hockey games.

A flash based dungeon crawler game exploring large underground caverns.
Vaccination Challenge
An educational game about pneumococcal vaccination.
NOMAD 3D Product Interaction
A 3D interactive visualization using wirefusion java rendering.

Virtual Art Gallery
An interactive art gallery with clickable paintings using a XML images and HTML links.

Use the arrow keys to move, right mouse to look around.


Space Station Art Gallery
An experimental space station/art gallery in 3D java. Warning: 2nd floor is NOT safe.

Use the WASD keys to move, right mouse to look around.


Armored Horses Mod for Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
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