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A strategic creative thinker with +9 years experience developing multichannel marketing campaigns, focusing on engaging users through interactivity. Excels working with innovative teams and emerging technologies to deliver fresh, superb creative work on a regular basis. Utilizes extensive knowledge of digital marketing skills such as interface design and user experience to oversee each project through from concept to completion.


Interactive Art Director, Group DCA [02/09 - 01/16]
Oversaw visual direction of multichannel pharmaceutical marketing campaigns spanning digital and print mediums. Targeting healthcare professionals and consumers, design tactics included interactive digital experiences, mobile & iPad apps, direct mail, and email campaigns. Overcame constrictive creative challenges such as delivering engaging user experiences, while working with highly clinical medical content.

Senior Digital Designer, Web Epoch Interactive [05/07 - 01/09]
As lead creative on a small team, I oversaw all creative concepting and design, as well as general development and production. Coordinated teams of freelance designers, programmers, and consultants to meet project requirements and satisfy client needs. Creative tasks included interface design, web development, 2D illustration, 3D modeling/animation, A/V production, and project management.

Freelance Designer, Hybrid Media [06/04 - 04/07]
Designed and developed digital and print marketing campaigns for the music industry including logo design, business stationery, album covers, promotional posters, photo shoots, and online experiences. Collaborated with independent videogame developers to create illustrated game assets such as characters, environments, and animations. Worked with residential architects to provide 3D architectural visualization services to client prior to actual construction.

education & skills

The Chubb Institute, Visual Communications [02/05 - 02/07]

Creative Direction Interactive Design/Production Email Marketing
User Experience Direction Print Design/Production Search Engine Optimization
Branding Design & Strategy 3D Modeling & Animation HTML(5) & JavaScript

honors & awards

2014 PM360 Pharma Choice Awards: Gold Award, Professional Website
Project: Stelara - National Landmark Tour, Janssen Biotech

2013 MM&M Communicator Awards: Gold Award of Excellence
Project: Zovirax - An MOA Exploration, Valeant Pharmaceuticals

2013 MM&M Communicator Awards: Silver Award of Distinction
Project: The Ranexa Files, Gilead Sciences, Inc.